Hot & Spicy AO

Sensual, seductive and extremely HOT, the brand new female AO from Vista Animations has finally arrived and it will melt the grid.
It has been a long time since the release of our most sexy AO to date the ‘Chica Boom’ and we decided to return with something extra special!
The ‘Hot & Spicy’ AO really is our most erotic product so far. This is the AO for the woman who delights in her female power and who is not afraid to use it. Walk into a room wearing this sexy AO and all eyes will be on you…
We dare you to be Hot & Spicy!

Vista Animations Hot & Spicy AO for Second Life

Vista is pleased to present you the hottest AO ever on SL.
Long time has run from our Chica Boom and its time to strike back with something really hot.
A crazy amount of new animations specially made for this new relise.
Apart from the amazing amount of 24 stands,9 walks, 6 sits ground, 6 sits we have also created completely new walks, run, flights, jumps and dances!
We also added the new feature we added to our Elegant woman, the “handbag” option that allow you to use handbag with no problems on the walks, run, turns and stands.